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Name:Star Trek - Communications Network
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Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. This ship is a proud one, with a long history of exploration, trials, and triumphs. The best and the bravest have served aboard this ship, and if you're fortunate enough to be assigned to her, you could be ranked among those proud men and women.

The year is 2260, more than one year after the events of Into Darkness transpired, and the effects of the RED MATTER have been more widespread than originally anticipated. Strange vessels resembling escape pods, containing people from different worlds and realities, have been found scattered throughout the galaxies. A person hibernates within each vessel while the pod emits a constant distress signal, until the pod is found and retrieved. The U.S.S. Enterprise has been charged with finding these pods and acclimating the personnel found within, offering them a chance to work with Starfleet if they so desire, or to begin a new life on a planet or space station of their choosing.

Of course, Starfleet isn't the only party interested in these new arrivals and the potential they carry, and not all races and organizations are as kind...nor are they necessarily interested in peace.

Game opens November 1st. Reserves and applications are now open!

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